Photo Shoot Visual Research

Ideas and inspiration for the photo shoot for my article (models, mannequins and body image):


Giuseppe Mastromatteo Part of the ‘Indepensense’ 2009

Giuseppe Mastromatteo Giuseppe Mastromatteo 2

This is a really clever and interesting surreal style of photography. It’s inspired me with ideas for the photos in my magazine article… I could have women holding up images of the ‘ideal’ body or a mannequin’s torso and ripping it to show rebellion against the media’s perception of the perfect figure.

Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo


Disguise by Ilse Noordhof


Again here’s someone holding up images over and inline with her face. I quite like the idea of the photo being held up being in black and white and the actual photo being in colour to create contrast. Also this could work conceptually, as the idea of holding up an image of what you’d rather look like is quite negative, as it’s showing people not being happy with their own body/appearance.



JOHN STEZAKER surrealist collage


Presenting a distorted person split down the middle into two faces. Could be used to represent before and after photoshop. Showing the same person but how they look naturally and how they look after altering their face, whether digitally or in real life. Interesting angle too, inline with surreal theme and kind of geometric. It’s also showing some of face, rather than covering all, showing contrast.



Mannequin by Brian Bowen Smith Contemporary Artist



This image is of two different bodies, could be hiding your own body behind the body you want, but physically/literally rather than with just a photo.



Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer – Thought-Provoking Photos of Fashion Ads Superimposed Over Real Bodies


Another example of a photo covering the face, but this time the scale doesn’t fit the actual head, but perhaps this adds to the distortion and could be considered in my photos.



By Georges Antoni


I quite like the idea here of images being held over the persons body by other people and almost tugging at the skin, as if to say they are telling him what’s wrong or right about his body and he feels he’s being told how to look to conform and meet up with societies standards…



Pierre Beteille


The forced perspective works well in this image, just another example of a photography covering the face/body. Perhaps could be more interesting using black and white photo? Something to try…


‘Everybody is Beautiful’




I came across this photo on a blog and loved the idea for my photo shoot. In an article about body image, it could look good to have photos of women holding  up words perhaps saying things like ‘confidence’ etc, things that are more important than a skinny waist, also by holding it over their bodies this is reiterated. Simple idea but could look good if done effectively…

Source: End of the line.. The Waist line


Photography & Surrealism

The magazine brief’s aim is to contradict the conventional woman’s magazine in favour for a more clean cut, surrealist/ geometric style to reflect the nature of the content… so I’m looking at Surrealist style photography/photo editing for inspiration…


surrealist photography

This is part of a fashion spread by Hamish Duda. I like how the photography has been cut and cropped, making it look less conventional.

Source: Hamish Duda


geometric photo


I love this geometrically manipulated photo and how it has been edited to mess with your mind a bit.

Source: Tumblr…


geometric photo 2

Another example of geographic manipulation, this time using more than one image, to create an interesting and quite surreal composition.

Source: Tumblr… 



Luciana Urtiga

Luciana Urtiga is a photographer who’s work has a very surrealist style to it. (Here are a selection of her photographs)

Luciana Urtiga Luciana Urtiga 2 Luciana Urtiga 3 Luciana Urtiga 4 Luciana Urtiga 5

Many of Luciana Urtiga’s photos use Surrealist ideas and styles, including juxtaposition and dream/unconscious elements. all these photographs include images of the body, most in abnormal way, this style could be used to provoke people’s thinking in how they see the body and could alsobe used to narrate and display ideas of body image, beauty and how we perceive ourselves and others.

Source: Luciana Urtiga