Colors Collector

Issue No. 79 / 147 234 – Winter 2010 / 2011

I began looking at how people collect objects, usually because they have some value to them and this idea led me to finding this magazine and using it for research into the subject. Here are some interesting quotes from the magazine that link to my project/ideas:


Introduction –

The word ‘collector’ is used for a person who regroups and catalogues objects linked to a theme. They can be everyday products – industrial or natural – or even works of art.

… a common object – an item – that by its particularity, rarity or what it represents becomes an extraordinary product that should be looked at with particular attention and/or be collected.


There’s an intense & perverse identification that occurs between people and their things. Design Critic. (Cristina Morozzi) –

There’s an intense and perverse identification that occurs between people and their things. The things we love and collect tell our stories truthfully. Words can be guarded and false; things, on the contrary, are honest. They cannot lie. They tell our stories, despite us…by displaying them [we] expose [ourselves].


With collections it pays to be a little bit mad. Design Critic. (Pierre Doze) –

The volume and variety of information and products that fill our daily lives is constantly growing. Whether virtual data or solid objects, we seem to accumulate them almost despite ourselves.


colors collector2colors collector colors collector3


Source: The magazine itself




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