By Hand: Handmade elements in graphic design

Handmade design:

Despite advances being made in digital technology, we still love analogue/hand produced designs.They feel and look more ‘human’, we want nostalgia and realness. This way of producing design work seems more original as there are many ways to do it and you’re not relying on a computer but doing things for yourself.

I would like to produce something by hand to create an original piece, even if the design is digital, perhaps for the form to be hand produced.

These two original designs are contemporary analogue design created using collage:




An Exhibition Flier for Yokohama Museum of Art by Surmometer inc.

This piece is quite crude in layout but it works well. It’s unique and the markings left are part of the piece, contributing to its originality. The layout works well too. I really like how printmaking and colour have also been used. It’s quite decorative and the hierarchy also works well, separating the title and exhibition information format he body copy. This has made me think about using handmade graphics to produce my piece perhaps.



An Invitation for DESPERADO [Aparrel] by LOOK inc

I really like how circles have been used to create this piece, they work really well and so do the circles designed and collaged on. By only using a few colours the piece is quite simple, but very bold and effective. I also like how the text follows the circles and takes you through the piece and guides you where to go. Heirachy with text, again works well here, separating titles and information from body copy clearly. Some titles are harder to rea don different backgrounds though, I will try to avoid this in my piece. But I want to experiment with using circles, especially as my object, a coin is also a circle.



  • ‘By Hand: Handmade elements in graphic design’. (Pie Books, Tokyo Japan, 2009)

Concertina/Origami book Ideas

I liked the idea of creating a book by concertina/origami methods and so looked at some different pieces to give me inspiration and ideas of what I could do and how I could represent my experience using these methods:


DSCN1251[1] DSCN1256[1]


I like how this piece folds out and is a fun, engaging piece.



Anna Mavromatis creates decorative, original pieces, and rethinks how books, origami and concertinas can be created and used, using printmaking techniques.




I really like these pieces made by Helen Malone. They have inspired me to experiment with different types of origami book making. Each one is unique and shows off the art/design inside it well. they are very engaging, interesting and visually exciting and enticing pieces.



Things I have learned in my life so far

Stefan Sagmeister

TIL-13 1KpgOhsA7ev7la2vUyFkthifo1_500 TIL26_1


Stefan Sagmeister has created a book of many little books of what he has done in his life. the cover is of his face with bits cut off so that when the books are placed behind the cover they create different textures on his face. This is a fun and engaging way to create a book. Also by having this cover/case as a box you, the user know to take all the books out and put them away without being told how to do so, using initiative. I think this is a very clever and fun way to present a book unlike many convential and unoriginal methods. I will consider doing something fun and engaging like stefan with my piece.



Concept Pack…

To show my idea to the museum director (client) I need to come up with a visually engaging concept pack that interprets and promotes my idea as a proposal…

It needs to:

  • Be engaging
  • Have well structured information
  • Immerse client
  • Try and be innovative
  • Use imagery/typography to demonstrate idea
  • Have visual hierarchy
  • Show audience participation
  • Able to guide client through content
  • Be object of curiosity