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Ideas and inspiration for the photo shoot for my article (models, mannequins and body image):   Giuseppe Mastromatteo Part of the ‘Indepensense’ 2009 This is a really clever and interesting surreal style of photography. It’s inspired me with ideas for the photos in my magazine article… I could have women holding up images of the ‘ideal’ […]

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‘Everybody is Beautiful’

    I came across this photo on a blog and loved the idea for my photo shoot. In an article about body image, it could look good to have photos of women holding  up words perhaps saying things like ‘confidence’ etc, things that are more important than a skinny waist, also by holding it […]

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Photography & Surrealism

The magazine brief’s aim is to contradict the conventional woman’s magazine in favour for a more clean cut, surrealist/ geometric style to reflect the nature of the content… so I’m looking at Surrealist style photography/photo editing for inspiration…   This is part of a fashion spread by Hamish Duda. I like how the photography has been cut […]

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Luciana Urtiga

Luciana Urtiga is a photographer who’s work has a very surrealist style to it. (Here are a selection of her photographs) Many of Luciana Urtiga’s photos use Surrealist ideas and styles, including juxtaposition and dream/unconscious elements. all these photographs include images of the body, most in abnormal way, this style could be used to provoke […]

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Feltron annual reports…

Nicholas Felton thinks a lot about data, charts and daily routines and below are some examples of this in some of his ‘Personal Annual Reports’. Using data from all sorts of things he has done in that year he creates graphs, maps and statistics. I want to ‘expose’ my life through a publication and this […]

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