Atmospheric Art Installations

ISO Hirofu / Komainu

ISO uses, ordinary things we might happen to overlook in everyday life to create his installation pieces. This piece is of things that happen  and creatures that come out at night. His use of light shows this well, creating the effect of night, with a light above to make the insects hanging on chains visable.

iso-hirofu-komainu-once-night-falls iso-hirofu-komainu-insect-artwork iso-hirofu-komainu-diesel-artwork iso-hirofu-komainu-detail

This art is very minimalist, but interesting. It has made me think about the use of light in an installation and how light can effect how you view something and effects the piece by where you place it and how bright it is. You can appreciate this piece as one large installation or go up close and look at each individual intrinsically made insect. The shadows made from the way the light shines onto each object creates interesting silhouettes of each insect on the floor below.


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