Adhesive tape Art Installations

Monika Grzymala

Using black tape, Monika creates these abstract installations. Beginning with ‘line and mark’ on the page she has progressed the idea further on a larger scale, to walls, creating 3d pieces. She sees her art as more of a performance piece, than an art installation because of the planning, phsyical effort and time she puts into it. Her pieces are her response to the place she is, whether its chaotic London, or busy New York.

Tape-Art-Installation-By-Monika-Grzymala-8 Tape-Art-Installation-By-Monika-Grzymala-620x348 Tape-Art-Installation-By-Monika-Grzymala-7 Tape-Art-Installation-By-Monika-Grzymala-5

I find these installations powerful just from first glance. They are static and yet show motion and movement. Just the immensity of the amount of tape in front of you as you see the piece is engaging. It’s like a controlled mess you can’t help but be immersed by. Being 3d, the piece is much more engaging than if it was just drawn on a piece of paper, which is why I think Monika uses this method of creating art. It has also opened my eyes to the fact that an everyday object, such as tape can create such an interesting and engaging piece on it’s on, if you use it skilfully.



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