Experience Light

Shireen Rawlins

‘I aim to create structures/environments that are immersive and encourage interaction/intervention. These works often challenge traditional modes of viewing or preconceptions of ‘suitable etiquette’ within the gallery space. I am particularly interested in the viewer’s encounter and interaction with the space, and in the art experience as something that is therapeutic and transformative, extending beyond the individual to the social.’




This is an eye-catching piece of art, but it becomes an interestingly engaging experience once you drop people into the mix. Watching the video of people walking around the piece it becomes more than just art. This is experience design. Yes it is simple and I’m sure more could be done to develop the idea to involve more senses, but it works well and really involved people. It uses aesthetics and curiosity to get people to go over to the piece and touch it as they move around. As they move they can go whatever way they want at whatever speed they like, and thus they are creating their own experience from this static piece of art. It’s interesting how people don’t even have to be told what to do or how to react with something, but if it’s there and it attracts their eyes they will be drawn to it and immerse themselves in an experience that they have created, using the object/art.

As Shireen states, the piece challenges traditional methods of viewing and ‘suitable etiqutte’ within the space. This piece encourages people to get up close and personal and they can share in the experience with others or alone. to fully experience the piece,  you have to physically walk round it and move your body to get under bits too. This all contributes to the experience. It doesn’t seem to produce a meaningful experience, but something different, which people can have fun with.


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