So what is Experience Design?

Experience design is quite a new concept, although people have been designing to create an experience for years.

6 dimensions experience design is made up of:

  • Time/Duration  (To go round/participate/engage/some designs you might have to watch something happen)
  • Interactivity  (Can be very interactive or not at all/can be physically or psychologically)
  • Intensity  (How intensive the design is or the experience created)
  • Breadth/Consistency  (It might cover a lot of space or not much. It might also all be similar or different in content)
  • Sensorial and Cognitive Triggers  (Things that cause you to use your senses and acquire knowledge and understanding)
  • Significance/Meaning  (Good experience design should have a purpose and stay with people after they leave, a lasting memory/deeper understanding)

– To create a good experience design I will need to understand and utilise these ‘dimensions’ and do so in a way that enhances my idea.



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