Why don’t more museums strike an emotional chord?

I read an article by Sharon Heal on her experience at ‘Experience Barnsley’ museum, sharing how she felt an emotional connection to the things in the museum…

 I was moved. I laughed out loud, I swallowed hard on a lump in my throat, I welled up and I felt a sense of belonging that I can’t ever recall feeling in a museum or gallery.

She made the point that usually in a museum or gallery you stand around and whisper, as if there’s an unspoken etiquette that we have to follow. But at this museum she felt an ease, to experience the museum in a laid back manor, where you can interact with whats around you.

One thing that Sharon says makes the museum a success is that it’s real people telling real stories. Something we can relate to and engage with. When creating my design I want to make it feel real and approachable, where people can connect, not just with their senses, but with their emotions.



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