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Annual Report

With my idea of creating a ‘Publication of Me’, I thought about the idea and format of an Annual Report. Like how companies sell themselves, including financial reports and showing what they are etc, I could do the same, with me! I didn’t know much about Annual Reports, so I researched a bit about them… […]

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Colors Collector

Issue No. 79 / 147 234 – Winter 2010 / 2011 I began looking at how people collect objects, usually because they have some value to them and this idea led me to finding this magazine and using it for research into the subject. Here are some interesting quotes¬†from the magazine that link to my […]

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Thirty Pieces of Silver

Cornelia Parker – 1988-9 This installation piece included over a thousand silver objects, including plates, spoons, candlesticks, trophies, cigarette cases, teapots and trombones. They were crushed and arranged into disc shaped groups, suspended a foot from the floor by fine wires. The title relates to the biblical story when Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for thirty […]

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The Cultural Value of Fear, Distrust and Hypochondria

R.B. Kitaj – 1966   I’m not sure exactly what this piece is about but I really like the composition and layout and am inspired by it for my own piece to possibly show things we collect and value.   From: Tate

Michael Landy – ‘Breakdown’

Man ‘destroys’ life for art Michael Landy is an installation artist who ¬†got rid of everything he owned for his exhibition in 2001 called ‘Break Down’. He shredded or granulated things from socks to family photographs, leaving him with no possessions for the sake of ‘art’. The reason for the piece being an examination of […]

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Credits / Contributions page

For our magazine I am sorting, editing and creating the credits/contributions page. To help me do this I have looked at this section from a selection of modern, well designed magazines to see what is included and how they design it… The Magazines I looked at were: Vogue, L’Officiel, Art in America, I-D, Colors and […]

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Feltron annual reports…

Nicholas Felton thinks a lot about data, charts and daily routines and below are some examples of this in some of his ‘Personal Annual Reports’. Using data from all sorts of things he has done in that year he creates graphs, maps and statistics. I want to ‘expose’ my life through a publication and this […]

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