Gathered visual inspiration from Google

These are random images I have found from to help inspire me in designing my experience. They have not necessarily directly influenced my piece, but have helped expand my way of thinking of how I can used experience design:


I like how speech has been visualised here  and the layout of this piece. Simple but effective.




A still/static piece that looks as if it is moving. I like that movement can be shown/implied by the layout and structure of a piece. Perhaps I might think about using this with my piece.



This isn’t experience design but I thought it fitted with my topic and how women at that time felt trapped, as if wrapped up and couldn’t get free. This is just a piece of art that has helped in my thinking of how I could create my experience.



Again, this is not an experience or exhibition piece, but it is an interesting piece of installation art, showing a woman breaking free. Just another way I could tackle my experience and show the emotions and feelings of women at that time, feeling held back and that now is a time to ‘break free’.



I like how all the lights are used here and then gathered together. Without even knowing what this piece is about I can tell that all the individual things link up together and are part of something bigger. To create a good piece you should be able to show the viewer what is going on without having to explain too much.



This art installation made me think of wallpaper being ripped/pulled down and related to an idea I thought of… that women were seen as beautiful and delicate, physically and mentally and I could show this using wallpaper and ripping it to show rebellion against that.



These images have all contributed to my ideas process in coming up with my experience design.

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