Curtain Call

This piece is a 360° interactive installation – at The Roundhouse.

Using 5,600 silicon rods, videos are projected and can be viewed from inside or outside the circle. There is no specific entrance or exit, it is up to you how you go in and out, it’s left to you to create your own experience using the piece itself. It’s more personal this way and so no two experiences are the same.

Image converted using ifftoany18_curtain_call_tl090811 Mat-Collinshaws-Sordid-Ea-007

Ron Arad uses his space well to create an engaging piece. he uses the whole space and leaves it up to the viewer where to stand (or sit) and how long to stay there. this contemporary piece is very effective, fun and memorable. Video projection is used to its full advantage here.

This helps me understand how video projection doesn’t just have to be placed on a wall, but can be placed in different places, on different materials in different ways. There are many possibilities with this technology.



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