More understanding and thoughts from lecture on experience design

Three important things to get right when communicating with people is the audience, content and message. All of these need to be right. The audience need to connect with the message and the message with the content, if not the experience won’t work.

Once I have chosen my object I need to identify and work out who my audience is and then understand who they are.

To produce a creative and cultural experience it is important that you connect with people’s emotions and focus on the ‘human element’… How can I make a personal and memorable experience, engaging someone to the object, but not focusing on the object itself.

Inclusivity: Connect everyone, don’t leave people out, find a way to include everyone.

An example that helped me understand experience design and inclusivity in that is: You listen to music, perhaps on your own at home. Music is like the ‘object’ and so when you go to see that band or musician live it is not just about the music but the experience, atmosphere and an emotional connection comes into it as well. You’re not just connecting with the band or musician, but you are inclusively sharing in the experience with the other people around you.

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