Blockbuster brand research

  • Independent rental outlets say they are suffering because Blockbuster has secured paid-for exclusives with virtually all of the major film studios, allowing it to stock the lion’s share of new releases two weeks ahead of other outlets.
  • they have strong bargaining power with the studios and a long historic relationship.

  • A view “Blockbuster also offers a similar online service which is just as reliable, up-to-date (sometimes more so) and competitive as the one offered by Lovefilm.”

  • ‘Blockbuster’s goal is to be the destination of choice for movies, games and home entertainment both in-store and online. The company is continually looking for ways to offer its customers more value, choice and convenience.’
  • ‘Blockbuster UK is no longer just a video rental store. Rental is the core strength of the business, but there are also retail propositions for movies, games, drinks and confectionery.’
  • ‘For many people a ‘Great Night In’ is sitting down with friends and family to enjoy a movie and indulge themselves with a choice of their favourite chocolates, snacks or ice cream treats. Blockbuster UK provides all the elements of a ‘Great Night In’ under one roof. ‘
  • ‘Blockbuster UK continues to evolve and innovate..’

  • Review – good points, unique to Blockbuster

  • Blockbuster’s single biggest competitor has been the growth of the rental-by-post market.
  • Up until the spread of internet usage by the general public, Blockbuster had a tight hold on the DVD rental market. With the highest number of stores, the largest selection of movies and a ubiquitous brand, the company dominated the industry. – they need to get into this market if they want to survive or offer something with dvd rentals & stores others can’t.

  • Blockbuster is hitting back at DVD rivals after securing exclusive rights to new films three weeks ahead of general release. – with Icon Disney and Lionsgate EXCLUSIVITY
  • blockbuster have plenty more films to offer than Netflix
  • “No one else can match us in offering all the hottest new releases including our new Exclusives – movies which are not available to rent anywhere else than Blockbuster for weeks.”

  • Netlix doesn’t offer nearly as many films and Love Film and Blockbuster. Love Film can’t rent Universal films.and include dvd extras as separate titles.’s-digest-radioshack-blockbuster-among-brands-predicted-disappear

  • “Blockbuster… has a brand names that references old technologies and seems to reflect their outdated identities. Like the VHS video itself, Blockbuster’s model of renting movies through physical locations has completely lost its relevance.”

  • “I’ve never met, talk to or read an interview with any executive from Blockbuster that makes any clear case as to why anyone should think of Blockbuster as a digital media company… I can’t find any white paper on it and no where on their website do they even outline what digital media means to their business.” = problem
Blockbuster store and dvd box: